Western Railway has consistently been dedicated to providing comfortable and improved train journeys for its passengers. Taking another step in this direction especially for Mumbaikars traveling by WR’s Mumbai Suburban trains, WR has installed Panorama Digital Display in local train coaches.

According to a press release issued by The Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, in a unique way to enhance train travel experience of Mumbaikars, WR’s EMU Carshed at Mumbai Central has successfully implemented a new head code display system o­n the side panels of the motor coaches. This innovative feature will provide passengers with clear and immediate identification of the destination of the local train, which will ensure a more convenient and informed journey over the Mumbai Suburban network. The unique feature of this display is that when the Guard gets into his cab at the originating station and feeds the Train Number, all the journey details are accurately shown o­n the side-mounted panorama digital displays. The digital displays will show Train Destination in English, Hindi and Marathi, which will toggle with an interval of 3 seconds. Besides this, these displays will also show the Mode i.e. Fast (F) or Slow (S) and whether the train is a 12-Car/15-Car EMU train. Some of the salient features of these digital displays are:

  • The digital displays are full HD TFT (Thin Film Transistor).
  • Displays are protected with toughened glass.
  • Have optimum brightness & viewing angle which will help people view the code o­n the screens easily.
  • The contrast of the display screens are also automatically controlled through sensors so that the text is clearly visible from a distance of up to 5 meters.
  • Mounted o­n brackets designed in-house.
  • The displays are doubly protected with polycarbonate sheet of 5mm thickness.
  • All nuts are locked with split pin arrangement to prevent the display from falling in case the nuts get loose due to vibration.

As of now o­ne rake has been fitted with the display system o­n the sides with a total of eight digital displays with four o­n each side, providing a panoramic view of crucial travel information. The response from passengers has been positive and it is planned to fit o­n other rakes too in the near future. With this new addition, Western Railway is proud to continue its legacy of providing comfort and care to its Mumbai Suburban passengers o­n a daily basis.

Source - WR