Jagjivan Ram Hospital (JRH), Western Railway's Zonal Hospital at Mumbai has proactively initiated to offer best medical services & timely life-saving procedures to its beneficiaries. It has taken every possible step in adopting state-of-the-art technologies and latest medical procedures of treatment as well as creating a robust infrastructure for the treatment of patients. O­n 11th June, 2024, M/s. Wabtec Locomotive Private Ltd. donated 10 cochlear implants to JRH, which was presented to Shri Ashok Kumar Misra, General Manager of Western Railway at WR Headquarters, Churchgate. Shri Prakash Butani, Additional General Manager of Western Railway as well as Principal Heads of various departments were also present o­n this occasion.

According to the press release issued by The Chief Public Relations Officer, Western Railway, the function started with a brief introduction by Dr. Mamta Sharma, Medical Director of Jagjivan Ram Hospital. A short presentation depicting the overall benefits of cochlear implants including videos of children with cochlear implantation who are performing well in their studies was presented by Dr. Uma Nataraj – ACHD/ENT. It is worth mentioning that skilled surgeries like cochlear implantation are being performed at JRH and it is o­ne of the first Hospitals to start the Cochlear Implant procedures since 2005. So far, more than 200 cochlear implant surgeries have been performed at JRH both o­n young children & adults. This surgery has enabled them to lead a normal life.

Cochlear Implant is o­ne of the major advancement in medical technology which has significantly improved the daily lives of the recipients in many ways. It has significantly improved the lives of hearing impaired persons, especially hearing impaired children, whose speech and overall development was hampered due to deafness before the advent of this technology. This surgery improves the hearing ability of children who were deaf from birth.

Jagjivan Ram Hospital is committed for preventive and curative health of people and keeps striving to provide quality health services to all beneficiaries.

Source - WR