Howrah Division marked the 74th Constitution Day on 24th November 2023 with unwavering enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. This significant day commemorates the historic moment when the Constitution of India was formally adopted on 26th November 1949. Shri Sanjeev Kumar, the dynarnic Divisional Railway Manager, played a pivotal role in leading the nation in a community reading of the preamble to the Constitution, fostering a sense of unity and constitutional spirit.

The commemorative event took place in the Conference Room at the DRM Building Howrah, where Shri Sanjeev Kumar, with heartfelt dedication, recited the preamble to the Constitution. The symbolic reading served as a powerful reminder of the guiding principles that lay the foundation of our nation's democratic fabric.

He, along with the dedicated Branch officers, joined in the collective reading of the preamble, symbolizing the collective commitment to upholding the values enshrined in the Constitution. This gesture underlines the unity and shared responsibility among the members of Howrah Division in preserving the democratic ideals of the country.

In addition to the reading of the preamble, he took a step further by administering the pledge on fundamental duties under Article 51 A of the Constitution of India to the officers and staff present. This ceremonial act reinforced the importance of every individual's role in upholding the constitutional duties that contribute to the progress and well-being of the nation.

The observance of Constitution Day in Howrah Division, led by Shri Sanjeev Kumar, showcased the division's commitment to fostering constitutional values, civic responsibilities, and a strong sense of national pride.

Source- ER