Eastern Railway always takes initiative for empowerment of women as well as wiping out Gender disparity for lady employees. Marching ahead in this direction, Eastern Railway's Sealdah Division, recently organized a comprehensive Gender Sensitization Program at the Carriage & Wagon conference room. The event, attended by approximately 80 employees comprising both male and female staff, aimed at reinforcing a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and fostering a workplace where all employees feel respected.

Led by Dr. Kalpana Mandal, Additional Chief Medical Superintendent/B. R. Singh Hospital and Chairperson Vishakha Committee, and Sri D. Hansdah, Divisional Personnel Officer-l, the meeting underscored the significance of preventing and addressing the topic stated above. It was emphasized that such behaviour has detrimental impacts on individuals and the overall workplace culture. The division reiterated its commitment to taking immediate and appropriate action against any form of harassment, regardless of severity.

The Gender Sensitization Program served as an avenue to educate employees on sexual harassment prevention and reporting procedures. The meeting outlined the investigation and resolution procedures for complaints, highlighting the role of the Vishakha Committee, a specially trained divisional committee dedicated to handle such complaints.

Sealdah Division is dedicated to create a workplace free from any kind of harassment, requiring collective efforts through ongoing education and training. The division encourages open communication, urging employees to speak up if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Eastern Railway is commited to foster positive and productive work environments. As an integral part of ER, Sealdah Division remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered.

The Chief Public Relations Office,r Eastern Railway said, "Eastern Railway is committed to maintaining a workplace that promotes dignity, respect, and equality for all employees. The organization continually invests in initiatives that foster a positive and inclusive work culture."

Source- ER